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Grace and Claudia are lovers and very good business women. They own a beautiful, resort hotel on the beach, 30 miles from Barcelona, Spain. The most beautiful women in the world go their to change their lives and enjoy themselves and others. Very strange things happen in this place. You won´t believe it. You will laugh, you will cry.


Just for Fun

Finding My Self

College Girls Party Vacation

The Ride to Joy

My Dream Girl

Leaving West Virginia

The Special

She Loved Me

Hooked Up

Eat me Well

and more.....................

Warning! If you start reading, you won´t be able to stop.

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“Olivia, I bought your House of Romance Super Bundle and I thought I would save it and read one story a day for about a week. I thought I would spread it out. That did not happen. I started reading Saturday night and I could not stop. I read and read and read and read and suddenly, I was on Part 16. My partner showed up coming home from work very late that night and read with me for the last two. She had no problem jumping in because of the way you have set up the books. I like that you do not have to read these lesbian romance stories in order. What a blast! Thank you Olivia!” Grace, Chicago, IL

“ I read 'Just for Fun,' of course, that being the first part of the series. I thought I might have to read from one story to the next to the next to know what was going on. I was reading another lesbian romance series, and if you missed one episode, you were all messed up. Your series, 'The House of Romance,' is very different from any I have ever read. For me I could skip around and always know what was going on from one story to another. Plus, each story has a different view on life, and some kind of message. I really like that with the very naughty stuff you have in there too. Lots of that.” Rose, Montgomery, AL

“All that I can ask is, when are you coming out with the next House of Romance book? Eight Olivia Hampshire, lesbian romance stories are not enough!” Judy, Puerto Vallarta, MX

“I just loved all of your House of Romance pieces of work. You just take lesbian romance stories to a differnent level. Sure, I´m a lesbian, but many of these writers write like all I want to read about is stupid stuff that goes on in New York or Los Angeles and stupid people having sex for no reason. I liked your messages about life and life's challenges. You have women in your stories from all walks of life and professions. Thank you Olivia, please don't come out of your house, just write and write and write some more.” Beverly, Cedar City, UT

  • Lesbian Romance

  • First time Lesbian

  • Lesbian Fiction

  • Lesbian Mystery

  • Lesbian Comedy

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  • Release Date: 2016-05-06