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When Alice lands a job house-sitting in a secluded forest town she inadvertently discovers she has a gift that has run long in her lineage.

Alice is a charmer; a being with the ability to channel a consenting shifter's supernatural energy to fuel their own powers.

Charmers and shifters are historical enemies, and Alice is in wolf territory. She has wandered into the woods without so much as a clue about this ongoing war, and now she may never make it out.

Tristan, the son of the shifter family for whom Alice is sitting, is awestruck by Alice and the feeling is mutual. Despite the historical rift between their families the pair are powerless to prevent a forbidden love from blossoming.

Will the power of love be able to bring these feuding families back together, or will this ultimate betrayal be the end of them both? Those questions will have to wait, as the emergence of a common enemy means they must all work together if anyone is to survive at all.

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Tags: shifter, paranormal, werewolf,shifter romance,shifter paranormal romance,teen books, teen romance,young adult,young adult romance

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  • Release Date: 2016-04-17