A compulsive and topical contemporary story of obsession, in which a happily married, educated, middle-class woman is driven to snatch a stranger's baby from its pram.

All she wanted was a baby. Was that so much to ask? A baby to nourish in her body, to give birth with pain and pleasure, to adore. A baby to suckle and care for, to clean and cuddle and comfort. A baby to make her whole and complete. But her womb was empty and its emptiness filled her days and her nights, invaded her dreams, determined every waking thought. A baby. All she wanted was a baby...

Jane Asher's first novel is a gripping realisation of a desire that becomes an obsession, an agony that changes the lives of everyone who is touched by it...

About the Author
Celebrated British actress of stage and small screen, Jane Asher is also widely known for her decorated cakes business (she is also consultant for Sainsbury's cakes) and her extensive involvement in charity work and journalism. She is a well loved and well respected household name.

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