Dickens' favourite Christmas story shows us the difficult lives of the poor, but it is also a story of hope, where the future can be better. Ebenezer Scrooge loves only one thing - money. He has no friends, doesn't like his family and never helps anyone. But when Jacob Marley, who's been dead for seven years, arrives at his house one night, Scrooge learns that a good life is about much more than money. Syllabus Verb tenses Present Continuous: future plans and activities - Past Perfect Simple: narrative, reported speech - Future with will: offers, promises, predictions, etc Modal verbs could: possibility - should (present and future reference): advice - might (present and future reference): possibility - used to + infinitive (past habits) In this Reader you will find: Information about Charles Dickens' life | Focus on sections: England in the 1800s, Christmas traditions and Scrooge on film | Glossary of difficult words | Activities to practise new language Tags Society | Friendship